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Collections versus Shared Spaces


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    Cedric Lemaire

    Hi Christa,

    That’s a great question. While both Collections and Shared Spaces are used to show and present a mix of content, Shared Spaces offer more options for interacting with buyers. 

    • A collection is a personalized presentation that mixes and matches content that can be shared.
    • A Shared Space is an interactive site where buyers and sellers can leave comments, interact, share and reshare assets and collections you created.

    It depends on your needs as a seller (and buyer). Collections can be quicker to share specific content, while a Shared Space can be more helpful for extensive projects where more sales reps collaborate with each other and with customers and prospects. 

    For admins, detailed reports are available for the Shared Spaces that Sales reps created. You can learn about it here. Hope this helps!


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