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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Edwin,

    Great question and I am happy to share what I know. We have designed mobile for a field rep use case and the web for an inside sales rep use case. We consider Shared Spaces relevant for the inside sales rep use case and opted to start with it on web only. We know that even inside sales reps use their mobile phones to get work done, so we may opt to bring elements to mobile to help with this. I'll let your Customer Success Manager know about this question so she can follow-up with you about our intentions in more detail here.

    Thanks again for asking!


  • Edwin Kuiper

    Hello Virginia

    Thanks for your answer. We have more and more sales people who travel only with their iPad and leave their laptop at home. They would like to be able to manage customer information on shared spaces as well when they are out on the road. That was the reason for my question.



  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Edwin,

    I definitely get why you are asking. None of our jobs stay at our desks. Your Customer Success Manager will follow-up with you.



  • Scott Erickson

    I'm an outside rep and love the Shared Spaces for sharing with potential clients. I would really like this feature on mobile


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