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Developer access ?


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    Sarah Shockey

    Hi Julien! Thanks for reaching out with your question. Since there might be a few specifics that our technical support crew can help out with, I went ahead a made a ticket for you in case emailing with one of our team members is helpful for you as you go along. 

    We usually recommend that the admin in charge of the Showpad account give access for a support user to be able to see and use features within the software this way: 

    In this case, instead of giving the access to Showpad, they would give the access to you. If they would rather you not go in there at all, being a Showpad Partner could be the best step for you, which would help you get access to our features without being linked to an existing client's organization. 

    You can sign up to be a Partner here, and someone will get in touch with you to discuss how best to help:

    I hope this gives you a good start and best of luck with your new Showpad Experience creation!



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