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    Cedric Lemaire

    Following up on your question:

    Requesting the usergroups is not possible via the ShowpadJS.getUserInfo() method. It is - apart from using the REST API - not possible to get a list of the user groups for a user.

    These user groups are also not used for any content in our apps. It only matters to provide a list of experiences and assets from the Showpad backend to our apps.

    A second point to highlight: filtering content based on the user group in the frontend might imply a security risk. (As the filtering is done based on Javascript.)

    Therefore, we believe it's better to use Dynamic Content Filtering as this will make sure that the content is filtered in the Showpad backed, without any influence of the frontend.

    Thanks for the great question!

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    Cedric Lemaire

    Hi Gert,

    Thanks for reaching out and posting a great question.
    In these situations, it's always good to understand what the end goal is.

    I created a support case to help you out with this. It gives us the chance to ask for more specific and direct information. If we find a general approach to do this for specific use cases, we'll share it here, in our community. 

    Thanks again!


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    Gert Stalpaert

    Sure, thanks for the prompt action and looking forward to go through it on our call this afternoon!

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