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Sharing Showpad assets internally


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  • Mary Hauber

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for sharing! Those are the top link sharing solutions that come to mind for me as well. Curious to hear if anyone else has uncovered a different workaround.




  • Abner G

    I'm pretty shocked this is the best answer to this problem. I want all our content in Showpad and to point people there. Heck, I want a slackbot that can let me search Showpad content in slack and post a link without having to leave slack. If you can only external share, doesn't that break the analytics? Then I lose visibility to who is actually following instructions. Not ideal.  

  • Cedric Lemaire

    Hi Abner,

    Thanks for posting your comment. I don't have all the details of the use case, but I'm happy to give it a try:

    • As an admin, you can share and promote assets internally with users by using Spotlight messages or announcements. At the time of this original community post, it's possible these features weren't available or as detailed yet. You can always check users' engagement afterward, in the reports section, to see what content works best.
    • If you share assets with people in your company that are not a user on the Showpad platform, you will still have analytics. You still have visibility on who is using these assets, just like sharing with prospects or customers.
    • Integration with Slack is currently not on our roadmap. However, I made our Product team aware of your (great) suggestion.

    If this doesn't apply to your use case(s), I recommend creating a support ticket by clicking the Help button at the bottom right. Our team would be happy to help you out with a workflow that might better suit your needs.

    Thanks again for your reply!


  • Abner G

    Thanks for the response. Announcements are definitely handy for once a rep logs in. My use case is basically:

    [rep in slack] "Hey do we have anything that talks about how we solve for X?"

    [me today] It's in showpad, I hope you can find it.

    [me in the future] /showpad 'content name' or 'experience name' 

    Also me in the future:

    #salesteam channel

    @here Check out the new snazzy 'showpad link'


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