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Access of button to link to an additional page


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    Klaudia Kwasniak

    Hello Jang,

    For the linked Page to appear as accessible, it needs to be available to a user first. The linked Page can exist within another Experience a user can access (not necessarily the same Experience).

    To further follow up on your use case and to make sure we understand it correctly, we created a support ticket. Our colleagues will be in touch soon.

    Best regards,

  • Klaudia Kwasniak

    Hello Jang,

    I'm following up on your question.

    As mentioned before, you need to place your linked Pages in an Experience accessible to the user. However, it's possible to create a Hidden Experience with all the nested Pages and assign users to it. This will result in the user not being able to see the Experience while access to the nested Pages will be granted.

    To create a hidden Experience:
    1. In the Online Platform, click Open Experience Builder.
    2. Select an Experience or create a new one.
    3. Click the gear icon and select Hide from Experiences screen.
    4. Make sure all nested Pages are added to the Hidden Experience and relevant user groups are assigned to it.

    I hope this solution solves your problem!

    Best regards,


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