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Responsive design - Mobile UX


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    Stacie Loving

    Hello Pierre-Antoine,

    That's a great question! Unfortunately, it's not possible to define separate desktop and mobile displays for custom Homepages.

    As a workaround, you can create a Homepage for desktop and a different Homepage for iOS. Note that this approach would require:

    • that sellers use the appropriate Homepage according to the device they're using
    • higher maintenance to keep the Homepages in sync

    Being able to define separate displays is a great idea, so I’ll pass it along to our Product team for consideration. 

    Thank you for your interest! 



  • PLAS Pierre-Antoine

    Hi Stacie,

    Thanks. We thought of this, however our teams don't pay enough attention so it won't work. You probably noticed that there are different level of users skills.
    You should suggests this devlopment to your dev team. In 2024, it's a basic feature to be able to do so in a CMS as WP or Wix, so a tool like yours should be aware of responsive design challenges :) 
    Thanks again, 


  • Stacie Loving

    Hi Antoine,

    Great feedback! We're always eager to improve our product, so I’ve passed your suggestion to our Product team for consideration. 

    Have a great day,



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