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Sort items in Experience Builder


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  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your feedback! We've created an internal ticket for this request, and our Product Team will review it for consideration in future updates.

    Depending on your specific needs, a possible workaround could be to check where the item you're searching for is located in the Experience on the Web App. Since the structure is identical in both places, it might be easier to locate the item you need in the Experience Builder once you've found it in the Web App. To do so:

    1. Select your Experience in the Experience Builder
    2. Click the screen icon, and then click Open in Web App
    3. See where you're item is located in the Web App and come back to the Experience Builder to find it

    In any case, we've informed our product team about this feature request.

    Have a great day! 


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