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  • Mary Hauber

    Hi Christa, 

    Thanks for bringing your question to the community. That's a great thought! Currently, when users are logged in on their mobile apps when content is changed (for example, added to an Experience), they receive a notification to update their content. Once it's updated, they have the option to click a button that says 'See What Changed'. This will indicate the new asset in their Experience. 

    On the Web app, content is automatically updated, so this option isn't currently available. One workaround would be to create an announcement to let users know about the new asset in their Experience. We recently added an option to include a call to action with your announcements, prompting users to update their content as well. You can read more about that here.





  • Novelli, Christa

    Thanks, Mary. If we went the announcement route, we'd need to select each asset that has been updated by using the "add content" button in the announcement, correct? In other words, there is no way to add a link to everything that has been recently updated without selecting assets one by one, correct?
    I'm just making sure I understand. Thank you for the very quick reply!

  • Mary Hauber

    Yes that's correct, you'd have to click Add content then select all the assets. They would be added to the announcement as a list of links. 

  • WOLF Stefanie

    Hi Mary, 

    I also have a question about Christa's request. As you mentioned, when users use the mobile app, they get a notification to update their content (when content changed). But this only happens with the iOS apps, not the Windows desktop app. You need to click on the update-icon, to be informed about new content. 

    Why is there no blue dot in the desktop app to let users know that new content is available, before clicking on the update button (regardless of whether an announcement/spotlight has been published or not)?

  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Stefanie,

    Thank you for your question!

    The Windows Desktop app automatically checks for new content in the background every hour. So, if content changes are detected, it will automatically display a blue dot next to the Update icon within that hour. See information in our Help Center here

    So users might have to wait a maximum of one hour before seeing the blue dot next to the Update icon, but they don't have to click on the icon first. 

    I hope this makes sense. In the meantime, if you have questions or need assistance, you can contact our Support Team by clicking the Help button below.

    Have a great day! 

  • WOLF Stefanie

    Hi Marine, 

    thank you for your quick reply! 
    I understand, and I think that an hour is a good frequency to check for new content regularly. But it would be even better if the app checked every time it was launched, to avoid that sales users are missing any update. As this is done automatically via the iOS app, many users rely on the same process in the desktop app and therefore do not always sync manually (although this is how it is communicated).

    Is this something that could be improved in the future?

  • Andreas Rosenbusch

    Dear Marine,

    I'm a little confused about Showpad approach to visualize the blue dot (informing about content news) within one hour after app launch.

    Showpad is offering in the backend within User Engagement section ...

    ... the possibility to investigate on the average time spent per session.

    In the info field about that entry Showpad is capping the average time spent per session at 1 hour.
    I'm absolutely convinced that if you are investigating on all your users behaviour that the average per session will be some minutes (possibly up to maximum 15 min. I guess, @ clients using only your content related licence and not the coaching licence).

    As a consequence most of the DesktopApp users will never see the blue dot.

    I fully agree with Stefanie that a check for new content should happen within 1 minute after DesktopApp launch and then every hour.

  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Stephanie, Hi Andreas,

    Thank you both for your input. 

    After checking with the Product team, various update frequencies were considered, and the one-hour frequency was selected based on data and customer feedback. 

    However, we understand that it might not fit all users, and we have opened a ticket for the Product team to investigate how to improve it. 

    Thanks for your request, and I wish you a great day!


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