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Community guidelines Pinned
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How a single asset can live in multiple places
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Atlas Copco Virtual Reality on Showpad
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Create a Showpad Super User Program to Drive Adoption!
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Showpad Coach User Management: Grouping Best Practices Featured
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Organizing content structure for Admins
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Beacon Medaes Virtual Hospital on Showpad
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Implementation in an existing Showpad instance
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No bulk edit for page Settings, Permissions and Authors available
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Spotlight on Custom home pages
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Best practices for naming assets and files
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Sending Announcements
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Excel template to make csv for tests in courses
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Best Practices to transform your team org chart into Showpad Reports
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Definition on Recipient Views and Recipient Viewers
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Relating Content ROI records in Salesforce to custom objects
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Tips for offboarding a sales rep Featured
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Downloading all assets from the library to your computer Featured
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Assign email templates to content profiles Featured
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Reassigning ownership of a shared space
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Sharing Showpad assets internally
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Using high-quality media to ensure a beautiful user and buyer experience.
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Folder types
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Key Initiative Series: Creating a Coaching Culture
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Surveying Users to Measure Adoption
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How to Optimize Your Showpad
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Spin your product in 3D
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Search assets or pages in "Trash" by deleted date
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Notify Users Automatically When Content Added
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