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Permissions with Pages



  • Official comment
    Sarah Shockey

    Hi Robert! Thanks for posting in the Community. Showpad does not currently allow nested Experiences or Pages to be shared, since they could be viewed outside your organization. Here's a little more information from our Help Center. This is currently expected behavior, and I passed along your post to some of our Product team members for future consideration. Have a great day!

  • WOLF Stefanie

    Hello together, 
    we are facing the same problem that a links (in this case buttons and images) on a landing page no longer work for internal Showpad users once the page is shareable. We agree that for externals links on the sharable page should not be operational. But it shouldn't affect the page behavior for internal Showpad users (it doesn't make sense as we as promoted members already check which content can be seen by which user when publishing content and creating pages).

    When using textlinks within the landing page it still works as is should: Internal users are redirected to the appropriate page (webapp version) and recipients are redirected to the login page. If no account is available, they cannot see the content. 

    Will this be improved in the future? 

  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for your detailed description of the expected behavior and the explanation of your workaround. We've added this extra information to our internal ticket for this request and our Product Team will review it for consideration in future updates.

    We really appreciate your input, so please feel free to share more ideas or questions in our community.

    Have a great day!


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