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Wildcards in REST API Query Params



  • Official comment
    Sarah Shockey

    Hi Chris! Thanks for reaching out with your well-stated request. Currently, your request is not a functionality supported in Showpad's API configuration.

    That being said, I created a Product Idea ticket for our team to research and consider, linking to this post and requesting that the ability to wildcard search for assets via the API be considered when planning future Showpad developments. Thanks again for engaging with us, and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Chris Francis

    Sarah Shockey  upon further research this is possible.

    by passing {"like":"%abc-123%"} into the externalId parameter of the assets.json endpoint a like wildcard search is performed.

  • Sarah Shockey

    Hey Chris, that's awesome news. Thanks for keeping on and sharing your results. I will share this with our team. Have a great one!


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