ShowpadLib.upload fails with extension csv



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    Sarah Shockey

    Hi Malcom! Thanks for your post and your update. You are indeed correct that .csv is not on our list of supported file types, available here:

    You are also correct that Showpad support can enable all file types for accounts when requested through a ticket. If this applies to any of you readers out there, the Help button in the lower righthand corner will help you generate that request.

    Love seeing your work around here, very inspiring to a young coder like myself. Thanks for writing and researching and following up!

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    Malcolm Bailey

    OK so csv is not on the list of approved default filetypes [0]

    Showpad support can enable "all filetypes" for me, but this isn't something I can make a call on for the org I'm working with.

    So for anyone else who comes across this thread, I resolved it by adding the first line of the file as "sep=," and renaming as xls. It's a hacky workaround but it does work.



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