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Different userId in apps


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    Mehedi Anam Sarder

    Thanks for creating this Community post on the Showpad Help Center!

    We've received similar questions in the past. Due to historical design decisions, the IDs have two different formats: 

    • the iOS app uses intentionally readable ID.
    • the Web app uses an encrypted value that is converted from the readable ID.

    Therefore, without making any additional assumptions about identifiers, apart from them being a unique string of characters identifying an entity, this is currently expected behavior.

    There are plans to move away from the mobile API, which also means moving towards encrypted IDs. Our Engineering team is aware but cannot provide a clear estimate of the migration.

    The general recommendation right now is to use the user's email (or a hash of the email address) if you need to perform cross-platform matching.

    I hope this is clear, and in case you'd have any further questions, feel free to let us know.

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