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Accessing Showpad API to uploading document



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    Sarah Shockey

    Hi Amardeep,

    The quickest way to get help for your issue would be to reach out to with a summary of what you are looking to do. Our agents work in multiple time zones and will be able to assist you. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Mary Hauber

    Hi Amardeep, 

    Thanks for reaching out. There is no out of the box integration/standard way to upload assets from Salesforce to Showpad currently. Using the API to POST/PUT to the assets endpoint could be an option. This article includes an example of what that might look like: 




  • Amardeep Chauhan

    Thanks . Are you from Showpad ? I am looking if we can connect for 30 mins. I am IST. 

    Please provide if there is a way to connect ? I can manage my timezone accordingly  


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