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    Laurens D'Hondt

    Hi Veronique,


    Thanks for posting your question! CSV files can indeed be used to provide Experience Apps with data sets. The following code should work online & offline to fetch the asset through Papa Parse:


    Parsing Showpad CSV asset in Experience Apps trough Papa Parse


    If you're still having troubles to parse the CSV asset, feel free to comment so we can follow up. Also, take a look at AppsDB to provide Experience Apps online & offline with data:


    Developer platform deck


    Kind regards,


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    Veronique Tellier

    Hi Laurens,

    I am currently testing offline capabilities. I have an asset that is a .csv file that I have been able to 'find' through the config.json file and read/parse when online, but I cannot figure out what Showpad function to use when offline. Could you help please?

    From the config.json, I can figure out the applink, and therefore the slug, but I don't see which Showpad offline function I could use then to read/parse this file. If I use something like Papa.parse, I get a CORS issue. Is there a ready-to-use function for this?

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards,


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    Cedric Lemaire

    Hi Veronique Tellier,

    Thanks for posting your question.

    We would like to understand the use case a bit better, so I informed our Support team and they will get back to you with more details and what the best way is to make the offline function work.

    Have a great day!

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    Veronique Tellier

    Thank you so much Laurens for taking the time on this. It is very close to what I ended up doing, but I do appreciate that you confirmed the path we were taking was the right one. What made me question the way to do it is that the Showpad documentation was saying, on most functions, which one was offline and which was not, but the getAssetFileUrl didn't say anything about its online capabilities, so I assumed it was not. I ended up trying it anyways, as nothing else was working.

    Thank you again. Have a nice day, and stay safe.

    Best regards,



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