Can't upload images to Pages in Showpad



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    Jesse Fuller

    Hi Katie,


    As an update, the issue I mentioned in my previous comment, related to promoted users has now been resolved. As such, promoted users are now able to upload images to image blocks in pages. 



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    Jesse Fuller

    Hi Katie,


    Thanks for posting. Reviewing through your description, I would like to confirm what type of account you are accessing from. For example:

    - Admin

    - Promoted user


    While the ability to modify/create page type content is available to both user types listed above, there is presently an issue our engineering team is working through specific to promoted users and image blocks.


    If you are accessing through a promoted user account, until the issue is resolved, you will need to work with an admin in your account to upload the images on your behalf, or elevate your account to an admin. 






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