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    Elaine Mui

    Hi Steve,

    The default maximum number of returned items in the Events API endpoint is set to 500. As you have found out, you can change the limit and set a range between 50 and 1000 responses.

    There are millions of events in the database and so we have not made it possible to return everything in a single request. There is a way to fetch this information in batches that you can scroll through until you have all the events that you need.

    The response comes with a header called X-Showpad-Scroll-Id that contains a token and remains valid for a limited time. It is comparable to an authentication key,  If you make the same request again but set this header on your request, you will get the second batch of events. You get back another X-Showpad-Scroll-Id that you can use to fetch the third batch of events etc. This way, you can do a loop in the application until it fetches all the events that you want.

    You can learn more about the X-Showpad-Scroll-Id header in our Help Center article. I hope this explains why you aren't able to get this information in a single export and gives you the information you need for your reporting.

    - Elaine

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    Steve Salt


    I obtain the data using cURL as an Ajax request from within a PHP application. For anyone else doing this, you will need to set the following to get access to the header, and specifically, the X-ShowPad-Scroll-Id.

    curl_setopt($this->curl, CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION, array (&$this, 'methodName')); 




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