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40 Character limitation in course title and lesson fields




  • Official comment
    Keith Jennings

    Hi Colin, thank you for your question! Longer course titles are something other customers have previously requested and a change was made earlier in the year to allow for 100 characters in course titles. For clarification, were you seeing an error when saving courses with titles greater than 40 characters? If so, please let me know and we can investigate that behavior further.

    As for lesson titles, I can confirm there is a 40 character limit in the current design. Additionally, I will start a private email thread with your Customer Success Manager who can work with our product team to position the idea of increasing the character limit for lesson titles.

  • Colin Anderlohr

    Thank you Keith.  I must have not notices the Course Title increase.  That is great news.  I certainly would like the increase for the lesson titles.  I am suggesting that if we are moving to a new interface after the beginning of the year, I would like to suggest the enhancement to allow for the same 100 character allotment for lessons too.  Especially if we will eventually be able to push lessons level content up to our CRM.  Context is King!  Thanks!


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