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Atlas Copco Virtual Reality on Showpad



  • Kathy Oelbrandt

    Thank you for sharing, Maarten! 

  • Lars Lindbjerg

    Hi Maarten,

    Sounds very interesting. We already have an app for the Samsung Gear VR, but it would be nice to have a cross-platform solution integrated in Showpad as you describes. Is it possible, that you would share the app or more detailed information with me?

    Best regards

    Lars Lindbjerg

  • Permanently deleted user

    Dear Lars, thanks for your comment! If you like, we can set up a conference call to discuss in further detail? Please let us know you availability. With kind regards, Ellen

  • Lars Lindbjerg

    Hi Ellen,

    I would very much like to hear more about the solution. The Showpad team will pass my email to you.

    Best regards, Lars


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