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    Thank you for your question, Eslabeth. I know this is something our product team has been looking at. I will start a private email thread with your Customer Success Manager, as they have a few more questions for you and can then keep you updated on status. And of course, whenever we do add it to our roadmap, we will announce this in our What’s Coming page here:

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    For what it's worth Eslabeth I think it's also worth questioning the role of video within the sales experiences you're creating through Showpad.  We're often asked about video content by our Showpad customers and my view is that you need to be clear on how and why you're using it.  It can be great as part of a 'Collection' to support the pre or post meeting comms but I personally don't think it works well as part of a meeting or presentation.  I always think it's a bit odd when you're sat there in silence watching a video with someone you don't really know that well!! 

    Anyway, this may be worth considering if you haven't already :)  


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