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Workday Integration



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    Yves Creten

    Hi Sirish, this is a great question. 


    Let’s start with some basics: Showpad’s primary user identifier is the email address, next it has user metadata fields that could potentially sync to match Workday’s data: Phone Number, Timezone, Company, Position, Language and External ID.

    Some of these metadata fields serve as user identification with the system (Phone Number, Company, Position). Others directly impact how the platform is configured for the user (Timezone, Language).

    The External ID field can be used for several purposes; however, in most cases this field represents the employee ID in the Identity Provider. In the case of Workday, this could be the unique Workday ID. It will ensure a unique connection between the Showpad user and the external identity system.


    Now a bit more practical :)


    Typically, location and department are not user metadata and is handled via the Showpad user group mechanism.

    Why? Because such metadata directly impacts what content and courses the user should have access to or get assigned to.

    All user metadata fields and user groups, can be created or modified via our public restAPI through the /users/{id}.json and /usergroups.json,/usergroups/{id}.json properties.

    You can choose to connect Workday or the company Identity provider (e.g., Azure AD, OKTA, PING) to Showpad. To connect this, you will require a middleware that pulls any updates from Workday and pushes the delta to Showpad to update. Typically such middleware is running on a timely interval (e.g., daily). More information on our restAPI and how to use it can be found here:


    Feel free to reach out to your Showpad Account Executive or Customer Success Manager if you have additional questions.

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