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    Sarah Shockey

    Thanks for all of your helpful input, Alistair! Siriwan, we agree that Showpad Support will be helpful in this request. I've created a ticket for our team from your post, and someone from Showpad will be in touch shortly to help out. 

  • Alistair Driscoll

    If you want to make the content available offline, I suggest you download the Desktop Version of Showpad or sync with your Smartphone. You can choose which Experience(s) to make available offline on the Desktop version.

    If you need to download all content, I'm sure it isn't possible to do this in bulk apart from extracting a CSV of all your content.   I'm not sure why you need to do this though as it defeats the object of Showpad. 


    Dear Alistair,

    We ask the possibility to download content in Bulk to our computer due to our hard drive which contains those files using to upload to Showpad is broken. I guess we might have to download file by file then.

  • Alistair Driscoll

    Speak to your account manager and see if they advise you to raise a support ticket so Showpad can download all content for you to save time.

  • Veronique Tellier

    Sarah, was this ever addressed? Can you use the API to do that?

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,


  • Sarah Shockey

    Hi Veronique,

    I looked into the case and it appears that downloading in bulk via the API was successful. Here is the Developer Portal article about our API concepts that assisted in the process. Thanks for asking!

  • Margaux De Keyzer

    Hello everyone!

    I have the same question as above. I need to download all content currently on our Showpad. I haven't found how to do that without having to download everything individually... Can anyone help me please? Thanks a lot!

  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Margaux,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    There are actually two ways to achieve this:

    • You can download all the assets in bulk using the API. You will also need someone with API development skills to assist you in the process. Find out more information on our dedicated article:
    • Alternatively, you could create an experience and add all files to it. Then, add all files to a share, send it to someone at your company, and have them click the “download all” button. This will create a zip file with everything. If you choose this option, I would recommend doing it in batches of 50-100 assets to avoid internet connectivity issues.

    Hope that helps! 

  • Kyle Delaney

    I've scoured the API documentation and haven't been able to find a way to actually download the files. There doesn't appear to be anything in v4, the download urls returned by v3 don't appear to work, and the UI seems to be using an undocumented v1 that doesn't recognize my token.

  • Marine Maillet

    Hi Kyle, 

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You can download a single asset by using the API v3 and, more specifically, the following endpoint (see the documentation here):{id}.json.

    However, you need API development skills to download all the assets in bulk by creating a script that runs through all IDs. Find out information on our dedicated article:

    If you still experience issues downloading or accessing your token, please get in touch with our Support team by clicking the Help button below.

    Have a great day!


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