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Organizing content in Shared Space through folders



  • Mary Hauber
    Great question. We currently don't offer folders in Shared Spaces, and I'm curious to see if any other customers are solving this need in a different way. You can follow this post by clicking the Follow button at the top-right if you want to be notified when other community contributors reply. 
    If you feel this is a feature that would benefit your Showpad workflow, we recommend creating a case with our Support colleagues by clicking the Help button below, or, asking your Customer Success Manager. They can turn this request into a product idea. The team is always working on improving Shared Spaces and this is great feedback.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Alistair Driscoll

    I think providing folders in a Shared Space is an excellent idea too.

    FYI - A colleague is including the Share Space URL link in their email signature promoting our Newsletters and giving access to the content inside, where they can ask questions and work collaboratively. I thought this was a magnificent idea :)   


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