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  • Mary Hauber

    Hi Martyn,

    Depending on how you shared the asset, you may or may not see the recipient's email address. For example, if you shared using the Chrome extension social sharing, or by generating a link, the email address may not be available in the share insights! This article goes into a little more detail on share results based on the sharing method you choose.

    What method did you use to share the file where you aren't seeing the recipient's email address in the share insights?



  • Permanently deleted user

    Mary, your link takes me to Slack and not to the article. I would like to know more. Thanks.

  • Mary Hauber

    Ah, sorry about that, Anne! I must have had the wrong link copied. I've edited it in the post, but here it is: .

    It explains the insight results you get from using the different sharing method options. Hope that helps!


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