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  • Permanently deleted user


    I think it's best to always create smart folders whenever you want to group the same type of files together (all case studies PDFs, for example). 

    It makes it so much easier than having to drag and drop them manually. You just have to be sure to always use tags! That way any content you upload with a tag will automatically go into that smart folder you set up for the tag.


  • Hannah Hughes

    I use Smart Folders to house content and Smart Tags to auto-populate those Smart Folders with new content. I use regular folders to house multiple Smart Folders. Smart Folders are always the last level (with content inside) and cannot hold other Smart Folders, so regular folders are the only way to go multiple levels deep.

    For example, we have a Products channel, which includes a bunch of regular folders for the Product Categories, then Smart Folders within those regular folders for the specific products within each product category.

    Smart Folders are awesome! Especially when you want the same assets to live in multiple places! Just have to make sure you keep your Smart Tags and Tagging logic organized.


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