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Debugging on Angular app uploaded to showpad



  • Official comment
    Klaudia Kwasniak

    Hello Bryce,

    I'm happy to see that you already found a solution to this problem!
    Don't hesitate to keep sharing your knowledge with the Community and ask more questions if they arise. We appreciate your input, and we're here to help.

    Best regards,

  • Bryce Bangerter

    Figured out the issue. Angular by default has a <base href="/"> in index.html

    Need to change that to <base href=""> as showpad appends a path beyond the domain name that needs to be preserved to load styles.css, main.js, polyfill.js, etc. Be aware of that for any assets being loaded through code as well. eg img.src = "/assets/someimage.png" will fail. Should be "assets/someimage.png"


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