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    Cedric Lemaire

    Hi Chris,

    Happy to give some more context and a possible workaround.

    Shared Spaces are linked to individual users. If you delete a user, the Shared Spaces will also be archived. While the Shared Spaces will remain active when the user is de-activated, the ownership of the Shared Space currently cannot be transferred.

    As a workaround, you can ask the current owners to invite the colleague who will take over the communication and to make sure they have invite rights. Once that is done, the newly joined colleague can access the Shared Space from their own account and can communicate with prospects instead of the original owner.

    However, the original owner cannot be removed from the Shared Space.

    Our Product and Engineering team is aware that this would improve the functionality of Shared Spaces and this request is on our roadmap for one of our upcoming releases. Thanks for sharing your question!


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